Where is a good place to fish in the Fort Meyers area?

Where is a good place to fish in the Fort Meyers area ?

Try the canals of Cape Coral, Florida. Cape Coral Florida has literally hundreds of miles of salt water canals. There are many places to access these canals from shore. There are bridges and other form of structure you can fish with a great deal of success. For starters there are a huge variety of fish to be caught. Redfish, Jacks, Snook, Tarpon, Snappers and several varieties of Sharks are the most common catches. Over the years I have caught over thirty different species of fish from this canal system. These canals are best fished with live bait. Live shrimp are your best choice. You can catch everything with the possible exception of sharks on a live shrimp. I have seen Tarpon in the hundred pound plus size class caught on shrimp. My preferred technique is to hook the shrimp once through the tail and cast it out with no weight or bobber attached. By allowing the shrimp to freeline you are making as natural a presentation as possible. Try to keep your hook as thin as possible to allow for maximum free movement of the shrimp. If you use live pinfish as bait you will eliminate dealing with Snappers. Using shrimp you will catch many snappers in the six to twelve inch size range. Switching to pinfish eliminates these smaller fish. Pinfish make excellent bait for Sharks, Snook and Redfish. I like to hook a pinfish once through the fleshy part of its back. Be careful not to penetrate the body cavity of the fish and cause its premature death while on your hook.

Daniel Eggertsen
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  1. Dan Rapoff says:

    Where can I walk on for some food fishing using a fly rod in the Cape Coral area?

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