What type of halibut tackle do you recommend I go out with?

What kind of halibut tackle do you recommend I go out with?

The recommended rod for catching halibut is a short rod with some heavy action. The rod shout be between five to six feet. You might consider a composite or graphite rod. The rod needs to have roller line guides by the reel and the tip of the rod. One particular rod is the Ulgystick. The rods are heavy and strong, which may make it harder to feel a soft bite. The reel should be a reel for saltwater fishing. The Shimano graphite reel is great with a 120-pound Dacron test line. The reel and rod are the most important when fishing for halibut. If the tide is going to be strong, you might want to use the eighty-pound Tufline test line. If the tide is strong, this test line is going to stay on the bottom in one place, where other test lines that are thicker and heavier will be caught up in the tide and you are going to have a hard time keeping the bait on the bottom. Adding more weight will not even work under these conditions. Your leader line will have the surgical tubing over the leader with a two three-way swivels with hooks on each one. Then next, you will have a short line before adding the snap swivel and the weight at the end. If you set your leader line up this way, you should have some luck catching the halibut. Remember to use a circle hook that is large enough for catching a halibut.

Daniel Eggertsen
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