What hooks do you use to catch a flatfish?

what hooks do you ues to catch a flatfish

I like the 1/10 hook or bait holder for when the cats are taking the bait and traveling a distance and then releasing the bait. This hook will get in their mouth and hook so they do not release the bait and get away. If I am fishing the big cats, I like to use a 5/0 kable, which is a little bigger and can handle the fight and weight of the cats. The 3/0 and 2/0 octopus are hooks that I always keep handy as well. The hooks I do not use are the ones that are cheaply priced. If you have a strong fighting catfish, the last thing you want is a hook to break. You can get some strong octopus and Kable hooks for a good price that will hold the cats and ensure you bring them in without the hook breaking. It is rough when you fight that cat only to lose it when the hook malfunctions. You can buy some hooks for as little as six bucks for a package, but if they are not strong, you are wasting your money. Go with a more expensive hook and material to catch and land the catfish. Look at the hooks before buying them to make sure that they will stand up against the big cats. You never know when you will hit the big one and you want to be prepared. It will determine if you have a catfish dinner at home or a dinner dining out at the local fish diner.

Daniel Eggertsen
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