What are the best game fish to go for in Florida?

Can you tell me what the most popular saltwater game fish are in Southern Florida?

If you’re planning on doing some saltwater fishing in Southern Florida, you’ve got quite a few popular species to choose from.  The most sought after fish in that area is the Snook.  Snook fishermen have become somewhat of a cult and many believe that when you actually catch one of these fish, it will change your life.  Snooks are available year-round but are easiest to catch during the during the nine-month period between April and December.  Also popular in the waters of South Florida is the Tarpon, also known as the Silver King.  This is actually the largest game fish you’ll find on Florida’s west coast.  These fish can easily weigh between 10 and 175 pounds.  You’ll have the best luck if you chase this guy between April and September.  The redfish ranks third on the list of the most popular saltwater fish in Southern Florida and these fish are most readily available between August and November.  Jacks are another popular fish in this area and are considered the hardest fighting fish in these waters.  Although Jacks don’t really taste all that great, they are a popular sportfish.  Other species include trout, tuna, bonito, kingfish, sailfish, dolphin, barracuda and sharks.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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