Top 5 saltwater pole reviews

The best guides to use are the ceramic ones because they do provide a much smoother operation. This will allow you to cast further and help reduce fraying of the line. However, they are also more expensive. When using wire line instead of nylon the case hardened stainless steel guides are normally used to prevent damage. You will find roller guides on the heavy trolling saltwater fishing poles and bottom fishing rigs. The metal guides are great for just about all bottom fishing and will be the least expensive you can find.

The action of a saltwater fishing pole is more important than you might think. The action refers to how much the pole will bend when measured from the butt of the pole to the tip of the pole. They are rated in terms of slow, medium, fast and extra-fast action. With a slow bend the pole will bend from the butt to the tip. However, a slow action fishing pole can be a little difficult when setting the hook or when casting.

The medium action pole will work great for most any type of situation and the fast action poles will bend the most at the upper part of the pole with more strength in the lower portion of the pole. The extra-fast action fishing pole is very strong in the butt section and the upper foot to eighteen inches of the pole bends easily. These poles are more flexible, have more precise casting and will be more expensive than any other type.
The more you know about saltwater fishing poles the easier it will be for you to choose the best one for all your fishing adventures. Having the right equipment can greatly enhance the success you have on every trip.

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