Three Shark Fishing Techniques

Many anglers use shark rigs when fishing for this species. These can be store bought or hand made it’s entirely up to you and will depend on how you feel about rigs. Some anglers believe the best shark rigs are the ones they make themselves while others would only use store brought ones. Whichever you choose to use, the important thing is that you learn to use them correctly.

Sharks can be found in a variety of depths but they are usually more abundant in waters about eight feet deep. You will need to make sure you have a good quality rod and reel that will hold up to the aggressiveness of the sharks. It’s suggested that you have a reel that will hold at least four to five hundred yards of test line as well. Many experienced anglers prefer the braided line because you can get more of it onto the reels and it’s strong enough to handle the sharks.

It’s also recommended that you invest in some type of harness that will help you handle the fight and reduce the fatigue that you’ll be feeling when you go up against this species. They can put up a fight that will leave you exhausted but having the right equipment will make it easier and give you more of a fighting chance to reel them in.

Always Put Safety First

Sharks are a unique species and fishing for them is much different than going after other species. You should always put safety first or you could end up getting hurt in some way. You should never take this species lightly and you should always treat them with respect. There is no way that you can handle sharks of a good size on your own no matter how much experience you have, which means that you’ll need a crew when seeking out this species.

If you’re experienced, then you may be able to get by with two people but if not, then you’re going to need at least three or four people to get your catch reeled in. When you have a specific group that you can go out with each time you go fishing, it will make it much easier because you’ll learn how to work together and each of you will know what to do and when.

Shark fishing can be extremely fun and exciting but you have to keep in mind that it can be dangerous as well. Fishing for sharks is not as difficult as you might think but you do need to be careful. It requires heavier tackle than many of the other species and you must be prepared and alert at all times.

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