Three Saltwater Fishing Baits to Try

Saltwater fishing is an experience that you’ll always remember. There are many exciting species to seek out that range in a variety of sizes so there is a species for everyone to fish for from the beginner to the professional. You can fish from the shoreline, pier fish or go out on a boat and you can go saltwater fishing anytime of the year because the weather is normally mild.
However, if you go saltwater fishing during tourist season it would be wise to go early in the morning or late evening if you plan to fish from the shore to avoid the crowds. Fishing in the offseason can be very productive and you won’t have to worry about trying to find a nice quiet spot to fish.
Before heading out to the ocean to do a little saltwater fishing, make sure you have the right equipment. This type of environment requires certain types of gear that won’t corrode and rust from the salt air and water. You’ll also need to purchase the type of rod and reel set designed for the type of fishing you plan to do and decide which baits to use.
Saltwater Fishing Baits
The bait you use when saltwater fishing is very important and it’ll be a little different from what you use when freshwater fishing. Live bait is usually the preferred bait because anglers find it to be the most productive. This has a lot to do with the rough environment and the fact that most of the species found in saltwater grow to a much bigger size than what you’ll find in freshwater.
Here are three saltwater fishing baits to try on your next fishing trip:
1. Bait Fish- Baitfish includes a variety of different small fish. Some of the most common baitfish used in the ocean includes herring, menhaden, pinfish, ballyhoo, eels, shrimp, pilchards, sardines and mullet.
2. Worms- Blood worms, earthworms or sand worms are all great for saltwater fishing.
3. Squid- This is an excellent bait to use when trolling or bottom fishing.
The bait you choose will make a big difference when it comes to the amount of success you have when saltwater fishing. You can use lures and some species will be attracted to them but it depends on which species you’re fishing. However, in most cases, live bait would probably be the best choice especially if you’re seeking out some of the larger fish.
Saltwater Fishing Techniques
You can use a number of different saltwater fishing techniques depending on where you’re fishing and which species you’re seeking out. Many anglers enjoy fishing from the shoreline. When fishing from the shore, anglers need to have the ability to cast their line accurately and the further you can cast the better. There are different ways to catch fish from the shore that’s both fun and productive such as the ones listed here:
* Pier fishing gives you a unique advantage because you’re up above the fish and you can get into areas that you can’t reach from the shore.
* Surf fishing requires the angler to walk up and down the beach casting your line out into the ocean as far as you can and then reeling it back in again until you snag a fish.
* Fly-fishing is similar to surf fishing but a special fly fishing rod is used in conjunction with fly lures. The angler usually wades out about waist-deep to fish.
You also have the option of going just offshore in a boat and fishing. This can prove to be very productive and lots of fun. There are four main techniques used when fishing from a boat and they are listed here:
1. Trolling is the number one technique used when saltwater fishing from a boat because you can cover a lot of ground fast. You can use several fishing rods at once and fish different depths with different types of bait.
2. Jigging is the next most popular technique used. It’s simple and allows you to fish any depth and you can hook and reel in a fish without disturbing the ones around it and scaring them away.
3. Drift fishing is also popular and very effective. Just choose a starting point and cut the boat motor off. Allow the boat to drift with the current as your bait moves through the water naturally.
4. Bottom fishing is done by anchoring the boat in an area where the fish are believed to be located and drop your line down to the bottom.
There are many species to seek out when saltwater fishing and nothing compares to the feeling you get when fishing in this type of environment. The scenery is beautiful and the ocean seems to create a feeling of relaxation and excitement all rolled up into one.
When choosing bait, look for something that matches the natural food source for the particular type of fish you’re seeking out and you’ll increase the number of bites you get. This will make your fishing trips even more fun and productive so, it’s worth the time to find out what attracts the species you’re seeking out before hitting the water.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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