Three NY Saltwater Fishing Tips

New York is well-known for many things and one of them is the excellent saltwater fishing that you can enjoy. Fishing is a popular sport that continues to grow in popularity each year. It’s something that the young and the old alike can take pleasure in and you can spend as much or as little money on the sport as you want. Saltwater fishing is fun, relaxing and exciting all at the same time, which is one of the reasons it’s enjoyed by so many different people.

Saltwater fishing is a big part of NY tourism because anglers travel from all over to take part in this amazing sport. There are many different types of fish to be found in these waters and they range in a variety of sizes.
Therefore, it’s something to suit every angler from the weekend fisherman to the serious angler looking for that trophy fish.

Some of the species that can be found in the New York area include the following:
* Striped bass
* Black sea bass
* Fluke
* Flounder
* Bluefish
* Bonito
* Tuna
* Shark
* Marlin

These are just a few of the species you’ll encounter when fishing in NY. There are many more species to seek out and the tips below can help you have a fun and exciting trip each time you go fishing.
Saltwater Fishing Tips for NY

Anytime you move to or visit a new area, the fishing will be different from what you’re use to. This is due to the fact that everything from the temperature of the water to the type of baitfish that is the most plentiful will affect the way the fish react to your bait. To help make your next fishing adventure more fun and exciting here are three
NY saltwater fishing tips to help you catch more fish:

1. Fishing with rigs can be very productive and help you reel in a nice catch each time you go fishing in New York. The three best rigs to use include the circle hook rig, the dropper rig and the sliding sinker rig. It’s recommended that you take along all three of these with you when you go fishing so you can switch around and use different ones to find out what works best in each situation.
2. When fishing in New York you can use both artificial lures and live bait whichever suits you the best. Some species respond better to live bait while others can be caught just as easily with artificial lures so a lot will depend on which species you’re seeking out. Some of the best artificial lures to use when fishing in NY include crankbaits, spoons, top baits, jigs, spinnerbaits and plastic worms. If you plan to use live bait, some of your best options are minnows, shrimp, mullet, herring and pinfish.
3. The retrieval method that you use can make a difference in how many fish you actually get to shore. You’ll need to experiment with different speeds by starting out slowly and speeding up until you find what works the best. Once you hook a fish, it’s recommended that you move the rod from one side to the other while reeling it in. This will help you have more control and keep your line tighter so it will be harder for the fish to wiggle loose.

When choosing your gear you’ll need to decide what type of fishing you plan to do in advance. This is because different types of fishing require different types of gear. For example, if you plan to surf fish, you need a surf fishing rod and if you want to go fly fishing, you’ll need a fly rod. Choosing the right equipment will greatly enhance your fishing experience and make each trip more productive.

More about NY Saltwater Fishing

When saltwater fishing in NY you can choose any technique you prefer to use. However, there are a few methods that are commonly used in these waters. Casting, surf fishing, jigging and drift fishing are the most popular techniques to use. Choose the one that suits you the best based on which type of fishing you’re doing.

Saltwater fishing can be done any time of the year but it is important that you follow all safety rules when near the water. This can be a dangerous environment especially when the weather turns bad. Storms can pop up unexpectedly and the seas can turn rough in minutes. It’s important to keep a watchful eye out and stay alert at all times.

There is no doubt that saltwater fishing will continue to grow in popularity because it has so much to offer anyone looking for a great way to spend their free time. You get to enjoy nature at its finest while reeling in a nice mess of fish. It’s a great way for families to spend their vacation or you can get away for the weekend and enjoy a relaxing time saltwater fishing in NY.

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