Three Great Places in San Diego for Saltwater Fishing

San Diego California has many wonderful places to go saltwater fishing and this is a sport that all types of anglers enjoy. The unique environment created by the ocean is unpredictable and challenging making it some of the most exciting fishing you’ll ever do. There are so many different species of fish found in this area that you’re sure to find one you enjoy seeking out.

Some of the most common saltwater species that you’ll most likely encounter in the san Diego area include marlins, bonita, bass, albacore, perch, shark, barracudas and white sea bass to name a few. However, there are other species to be found. Therefore, if you’re looking for a specific species you can check to see if it’s located here as well.

Before you go saltwater fishing it’s a good idea to double check and make sure you have the right type of gear to fish this type of environment. The salt air and water will corrode regular gear so you need to invest in equipment designed especially for fishing in saltwater. Gear made from stainless steel, nickel chrome, titanium and resin won’t corrode and wear out as fast so this is the type of materials you need to look for when buying saltwater gear.

Where to Go Saltwater Fishing in San Diego

There are many places where you can go saltwater fishing in San Diego but if you’re new to the area or just visiting you may not be sure where to go. In this case, you may want to start out in one of the most well-known areas where the fishing always seems to be productive. Here are three great places in San Diego for saltwater fishing:

1. Fish along the Crystal, Oceanside, Ocean Beach and Embarcadero piers. There are a variety of fish species to be found along these piers and you’ll normally be able to reel in a nice catch.
2. The Coronado Islands are an excellent place to fish if you want to venture offshore to seek out some of the larger species. These Islands are located off the coast of Baja and the fishing is excellent from December all the way into late spring.
3. Anywhere along the coastline starting from San Onofre all the way to Imperial Beach is an excellent place to surf fish.

You can enjoy some great fishing in San Diego both from the shoreline and off the coast in the deeper parts of the ocean. Choose your tackle and gear based on where you plan to fish and when you plan to go out. Trolling, drift fishing, casting and deep sea fishing all require different types of gear and preparation so knowing what you plan to do when you get to the water will make your fishing trip more productive.

Tips for Choosing Your Bait

When determining which baits to use one of the first things you need to decide is which type of fish species you want to catch. Certain types of baits are more effective than some of the others when fishing for certain types of fish so it makes sense to match the bait to the species you’re trying to catch. Nevertheless, there are a few baits that work great when San Diego saltwater fishing regardless of which type of fish you plan to catch because they will attract a variety of different species.

The live bait list includes but is not limited to, shrimp, bonito, minnows, sand crabs, mackerel, mussels, squid, mullet, herring and bloodworms. If you’re not sure which bait to use or even which species you want to catch, take along one or more of these and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting something to bite. Only fish with fresh bait and it will greatly improve the odds of reeling in more fish.

Sometimes using live bait is not possible or you may not want to deal with the hassles of fishing with live bait. In these cases, there are a number of artificial baits that can be used effectively. Some of the best artificial lures to use include jigs, soft plastics, crankbait and spinners.

The bait you choose to use will partly depend on the method that you use to fish so take this into consideration.
Choose the size of your bait based on the size fish you want to catch. If you use large bait you limit the number of bites you can get because the smaller fish won’t touch it but you will attract some of the larger species.

Once you hook one of the saltwater species in San Diego, your retrieval method is very important. Many species can work themselves off the hook if you’re not careful. For this reason, it’s recommended that you move your rod from one side to the other when reeling in your catch. This will give you more control and help reduce the risk of the fish working itself loose.

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