Secrets Tuna Fishing Cape Cod

After finding the tuna there are a few things that you can do to entice them to strike. For example, if you decide to use live baits some of the best options include squid, balao, mackerel, pilchards, small skipjack and small yellowfin tuna. After choosing your bait (live or artificial), make sure that you’re presenting it correctly. If you’re having trouble in this area, you may want to practice and learn how to present your bait correctly before you set out on your Cape Cod tuna fishing trip.

Once you get a bite it’s vital that you keep the line tight and be ready because once they’re hooked, they’re not going to give up. Sometimes they will keep on fighting even after you get them onboard the boat. It’s also important to understand that no matter what you do, there may be times that you simply don’t get a bite. That’s the chance you take when fishing for this species but when you do get a bite, it’ll more than make up for the times you didn’t.

Fishing for tuna is not for the inexperienced angler and it’s not a sport that you can do alone. Having at least two or three other people with you will make the trip more enjoyable. For one thing, you will have someone there to help you reel in the tuna when you catch one. Another reason is because you’ll want someone to keep you company when the tuna is not biting. Sometimes, you can go for hours without even getting a nibble.

Cape Cod tuna fishing is challenging but when you get that bite it’s well worth the effort you put into it. When they do strike they will hit the line hard and run with it. Many anglers have lost their equipment by not being prepared. When they actually got a bite the tuna jerked everything overboard.  That’s why you can’t let your guard down even though it may be a long wait in-between getting bites.

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