Saltwater Fishing Technique

While live bait will always work better, it can be difficult to find the bait that you are looking for at this time of year. Saltwater fishing technique with live bait becomes somewhat irrelevant between winter and spring due to this problem, though again, if you can get your hands on some, choose brightly colored bait and, if you are going to be in especially murky waters, choose something with an odor that will easily permeate the water, attracting fish by smell rather than sight. Stinkbaits are great, and you’ll probably want to look for baits that are larger than nightcrawlers for saltwater fishing at this time of year. If you can find it, squid and other seafood will work well. Chicken livers are usually easy to come by at any store, and though these are atypical for saltwater fishing technique, the smell is strong enough to lure in a catch, should there be fish to catch in the area. Fiddler crab is also not always difficult to find and will attract many species, such as sheepshead.

Because there are so few options during this time of year, one saltwater fishing technique that will at least assure you aren’t wasting time on long, fruitless excursions is to fish at home. Don’t chase after the hottest spots; try to find a nearby coastal area where something is biting and simply relax. After all, the frenzy is once again about to start in just a couple of months!

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