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What are the best game fish to go for in Florida?

Can you tell me what the most popular saltwater game fish are in Southern Florida?

Can you drop shot in saltwater?

I’ve used drop-shotting for Bass but have heard that it can be effective when saltwater fishing. Is it the same technique?

When should I use chumming when sea fishing?

I know that chumming was originally used for saltwater fishing. Can you tell me how to do it and under what circumstances it’s the most effective?

When a fish goes belly up, is it going to die?

Every time we’ve tossed a fish back in the water – it goes belly up. Does this mean it’s going to die?

How can I increase my casting distance?

I’m having trouble getting my casts out as far as I need them to be – do you have a good technique that will actually increase my casting distance?
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