Is a nurse shark safe to swim with?

dear, mr dan why does a shark live in salt water. Is a nrse shark safe to swim with . I LOVE SHARK INFO CAN YOU TELL ME SOME OF IT MR. DAN YOUR FRIEND , KARMEN MILLER

Sharks live in saltwater simply because that is where nature intended them to live. Their bodies cannot adjust to freshwater if they must remain there for any length of time. You will find many sharks in brackish water in search of food but not often in pure fresh water. One exception to this is the Bull Shark. This species of shark can adjust to lengthy periods of time in brackish or even fresh water quite well. Bull Shark have been found many time in the Mississippi River, once as far north as Illinois. Nurse Sharks are relatively safe to swim with but as in dealing with any animal you are never one hundred percent safe. There have been instances of attacks by Nurse Sharks, especially if you provoke them while diving. On one occasion a Nurse Shark grabbed onto the chest of a diver and did not let go until the duo were transported to a medical care facility that removed it. I view a Nurse Shark much like a Golden Retriever. Both are generally docile species but there are occasions where you will find a particular member of the species that does not act like the norm for that species. Nurse Sharks are quite large and if they do decide to harm somebody that have the equipment to make a person miserable. I do not recommend tempting fate by putting yourself in close proximity to a large Nurse Shark and I certainly do not think you should provoke one by touching one or acting aggressively near it.

Daniel Eggertsen
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