How to Plan a Shark Fishing Trip

Baits – Cut baits are going to work well for most shark species.  The deeper that you fish in the waters, the larger the sharks are going to be.  It is important to set each of your baits at a different depth to get overall coverage of the area you are fishing.  This is another reason why having more than one rod and reel combination is going to be more effective.

You also want to bring along some very bloody cut up pieces of fish for chumming the waters.  Sharks have a keen sense of smell and the bloody fish can bring a lot of sharks into the area that you are going to be fishing.  Be prepared though, if there are sharks in the area that you are fishing and where you have laid out your chum, you are going to entice a feeding frenzy and you may end up getting some great footage of this even if none of the sharks takes your line.

Have a Harness – This is the most important piece of equipment when shark fishing.  Once a shark has taken a hook, they are going to work hard to free themselves from it.  Even if they have just taken the bait and do not even realize there is a hook, they are going to use their natural instinct to drag the food to the lower levels of the ocean.  This means that they are going to pull hard on your line in a downward motion.

If you do not want to end up shark chum on your own, you want to have a harness that can keep you one the boat and out of the water.  After the shark has gone down, it may reverse and come back at the boat.  Keep this in mind, they are not going to be happy about being hooked and are going to offer a strong fight to get away from you.

Have someone on the boat who is familiar with fishing for large fish such as the shark and who can offer you some advice if you have never fished for shark before.  Never go fishing for shark alone as you can find yourself in some trouble if you land a shark that is huge and that needs to people to bring in.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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