How to plan a great Miami fishing trip

Miami is no doubt one of the best places to go on a fishing trip. There are some things you want to think about though to get it all in place. First, do you have a specific type of fish you are interested in? That can influence where you will go and even what time of year to plan your trip. You want to find a place that is quiet, comfortable, and attractive. There are plenty of bodies of water out there including fresh water and salt water. There is the ocean, rivers, streams, and creeks so there is no shortage of quality fishing to be found.

As a special tip if you can help it don’t plan a Miami fishing trip over the weekend. You will find the area saturated with travelers for fishing and even locals that want to get to their hot spots. Try to spend time there during the week when there will be less people and you will have a better chance of getting the fish you want. If you do have to go fishing over the weekend due to your schedule then you should plan on getting out there early in the morning to pick your location.

Time of year strongly influences what will go on with a Miami fishing trip. This area is one that is often humid and warm all year long so you can take advantage of that. You will find that the fish do well in such temperatures too. Where they will be – either close to the shore or deep out there will depend on the heat and also how much sunlight is in the sky. Fishing on an overcast day can be different than a bright sunny day.

There can be some hot days in Miami and the humidity can take a toll too. There are times when there are rain showers so make sure you are ready for the weather. It is a good idea to plan to wear layers of clothing. It can be cool in the morning, warm up, and then cool down again. Comfortable shoes that will do well in mud are a good idea too.

The type of tackle that you take on a Miami fishing trip will also depend on what you plan on catching. If you are traveling a long distance to fish then you may not want to bring all of it with you. There are locations where you can rent tackle though so don’t stress about taking yours along if it seems like it will be a hassle.

The type of bait you want to use for a Miami fishing trip depends on the type of fish you are after. Do your homework and find out what types of bait seem to be doing well in that given fishing area for the fish you want too. Then you can pick up a variety of them when you get to Miami. There are bait shops all over so you won’t have any trouble at all getting your hands on what you want.

Where do you plan to stay while in Miami? You will find lots of type of accommodations including hotels, bungalows, apartments, and more. They are great for anyone that plans to spend time around the water because of the close proximity. Then you can rent a car or even use a taxi service to get you to and
from the water.

There are some wonderful charters offered too for Miami fishing trips so that you can have a boat. There are those that you man on your own and those that have a captain. The larger vessels may have complete crews. Check out the size of the charters, the cost, and what they include. Some have all the tackle and bait you need and provide meals. Others are bare bones so you have to bring everything along with you.

You may find some killer deals out there with Miami fishing trips through a package offer. This may include your travel out there such as flight, accommodations, a charter, meals, and transportation. Then you can get it all
set up and not have to worry about any piece of it. Many of these package deals offer a per person charge so you can go alone or with a group of other fishermen if you like.

Such package deals often have a variety of options too so you can customize the plan to fit what you want. For example you can select the size of charter, the type of accommodations, and even various meal plans. Take your time to explore all of the choices so you can set up the ultimate Miami fishing trip that fits your ideas for fun and that will also work well for the amount of money you have to spend.

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