How to plan a deep sea fishing in Cancun

*         Take along a few good fishing buddies. This is no time to be trying to go out alone. It can take two or three strong men to reel in some of the fish you’ll encounter in these waters even with the help of the equipment. Plus, no one should be out in the ocean alone.

*         Make sure you have a working radio and a backup form of communication is also recommended.

It’s just something special about being out in the middle of the ocean, with the waves crashing all around and then reeling in some of the biggest fish you’ve ever seen or imagined. It’s a unique experience that you’ll never forget.

The fish will bite at different times throughout the year so this is something that you’ll need to consider when planning your trip. This is a good thing because if you don’t care which species you catch you can go out anytime. However, if you have a particular species in mind, you need to make sure they are biting before scheduling your trip.

Take along a few personal things to make sure you have an enjoyable deep sea fishing trip. Start by dressing comfortably and wear comfortable shoes. Wear a hat, a good pair of sunglasses and take along some good sunscreen to prevent getting sunburned. Make sure your passport is in order before you head to Cancun so you can enter and exit Mexico without any problems.

If you use a charter find out if they supply food and drinks. If not, you need to take along a personal cooler with beverages (preferably water) and snacks. If you’re prone to sea-sickness then you’ll want to take along some Dramamine or something similar to prevent the sickness or you’ll be in for a very rough trip.

The native language in Cancun is Spanish so if you don’t speak it fluently, you may want to have someone in your party that does. Not being able to communicate can cause a lot of problems. You can also take along a pocket phrase book just in case you get in a jam. Cancun is an excellent place to plan a deep sea fishing trip and there are many other great things for the non-fishermen in the family to enjoy.

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