How to Pick a Castaway Fishing Rod

*         The Rod Power – The power of the rod is based on the size of the fishing line it can handle and the size of the weights. An ultra-light rod will handle between two and six pound fishing lines and up to a quarter ounce weight.

As the power of the line increases so does the size weight and line it can handle.

In order to find the perfect castaway fishing rod you’ll need to find the right combination of action and power. This may take a little time and research but you’ll find the right combination if you take the time to learn what works best.

Here are a few examples of some combinations that work well together. Light power and fast action rods work great for catching bluegills, small trout and crappies. Medium power and moderate action rods are excellent for reeling in the walleye, channel catfish and bass, while a heavy action rod will increase the odds of reeling in a flathead or blue catfish. It’s all in the combination and will depend on which species of fish you’re seeking out.

How to Care for Your Castaway Fishing Rod

Once you choose the best castaway fishing rods for your fishing adventures, you need to keep them in good shape. Fishing rods can be expensive and they are a great investment. It’s not something that you want to be replacing every few months or every fishing season so you need to care for them properly.

One of the most important things that you need to do to care for your fishing rods is to store them properly. Don’t lay your rods down or lean them together in a corner somewhere. Take the time and effort to store them individually on hooks. You can buy fishing rod holders to keep them neat and in order or you can simply buy some hooks and hang them in your garage or shed. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as the rods are up out of harms way.

The next thing you should do is invest in rod holders for your boat so you don’t have to lay them down when fishing and always clean your equipment after each use. Inspect your castaway fishing rod and line after each fishing trip for damage. The better care you take of your rod, the longer it will last you.

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