Going on a Key West fishing trip? Where to fish, tips, and secrets

Are you going on a Key West fishing trip? Then you need to know where to fish and a few tips and secrets that can make your fishing trip one you’ll be talking about for many years. The Florida Keys is famous for being a wonderful vacation spot and for its fantastic fishing opportunities. In fact, the International Game Fish Association has reported that more fishing records have been established in the Florida Keys than any other destination in the world. That’s quite a record!

Key West is a magical place that has something for everyone making it one of the best places in the world to plan your next vacation. If some of the members of your family don’t fish, there’s many ways for them to spend their time while you take advantage of the great fishing opportunities. They can have fun in the sun by swimming or taking part in any one of the many fun activities offered by the resorts in this area.

Tips and Secrets for Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fishing in the Florida Keys is an adventure in itself. Not only will you be exposed to some of the best fishing opportunities you’ve ever seen but you’ll be in one of the most beautiful places in the world. To make your trip even more enjoyable, here are a few tips and secrets that you should know:

* Hiring a charter boat or a guide to take you out fishing can be beneficial for anyone whether you live in the area or if you’re just visiting. These professionals are there to serve you by sharing their knowledge of the water and fishing expertise with you to ensure you have a wonderful time. They also provide the equipment needed and the fishing licenses required so you don’t have to worry about taking care of these in order to fish.
* If you have a specific type of fish that you want to seek out, then you need to plan your fishing trip during the right season. Different species are more abundant during different seasons and you’ll want to be in the area when they’re the most plentiful. Nevertheless, there are some species that can be sought out all year long.
* When fishing the shallow flats of the Florida Keys, it’s recommended that you use light tackle for the best results.
* Harbor fishing is very popular because there are many species available in these areas. You can also enjoy some excellent reef fishing or fish around old ships that were swallowed up by the Keys years ago.
* Light tackle boats are needed to maneuver throughout the flats in this area because they’re more flexible.
* If you prefer to fish from land, there are several bridges where you can cast your line with amazing results.
* If you want to try your hand at deep sea fishing, you can reserve a spot with one of the charters that offer this type of service and enjoy a wonderful adventure seeking out some of the larger species found in the deeper parts of the ocean.

Even though fishing in Key West is an adventure that you’ll never forget no matter how many fish you catch, using these tips and secrets can make your fishing trip more productive. This way, you’ll have even more great stories to tell while bragging about your exciting trip to the Keys to your friends and family.

A Little about Florida Keys

If you’re not familiar with the Florida Keys then you may not know that it’s surrounded by miles of shallow sand and grassy flats. These areas are filled with all types of baitfish such as crabs and shrimp. You can also find certain types of fish species in water as shallow as six to eight inches deep making these flats an excellent place to fish.

You’ll find these amazing and beautiful flats in the backcountry and on the Atlantic side of Key West. On the Gulf Side, you’ll find an uninhabited mangrove region.

There are many different types of fish species found in the Keys so there should be a species that you enjoy fishing for.

Some of the different types of fish found in the Florida Keys include the following:
* Barracuda
* Snapper
* Burly Grouper
* Wahoo
* Billfish
* Spanish Mackerel
* Jacks
* Tuna
* Mahi-mahi
* Bonefish
* Kingfish
* Tarpon
* Redfish
* Snook
* Sea Trout

If you’ve never fished in Key West before, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you don’t live in the area, considered planning a vacation in the near future where you can enjoy the sunshine state and all the wonderful fishing opportunities it has to offer in style. It will be a vacation the whole family will enjoy, even if they don’t consider themselves a fisherman. After your first visit, you’ll be making plans for your next one as soon as possible.

Daniel Eggertsen
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