Four tactics for flounder fishing in Texas

One of the best tasting fish you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating is flounder. This is one of the reasons they are considered to be one of the most sought out game fish in Texas. The other reason is because they are a unique species that can keep you on your toes. They can be one of the hardest species there is to catch partly because the only way to find them is to travel approximately thirty miles from the shoreline and partly because it can be difficult to entice a strike.

The flounder is a predator species that likes to settle down in water with sandy bottoms and wait for a tasty meal to come by. The average size for a flounder is a little over a foot long but in the right conditions; they can reach about three feet in length. Catching one this size is a real treat.

The unusual features of the flounder make them stand out from all the other fish species. They have a flat body and both of their eyes are on the same side of their head. They don’t start out this way because when they are first born, there is one eye on each side of the head. However, as the fish matures and spends so much time on its side lying on the bottom of the water, metamorphosis sets in and the eye on the bottom will migrate to the top side.

Four tactics for flounder fishing in Texas that really work are listed below:

1. Once you find an area where you believe the flounder to be, try drift-fishing for some excellent results. This is an easy tactic to use and it’s very productive. The flounder can’t pass up a delicious meal floating past them and the current makes your bait float by in a natural and intriguing way.

2. Your presentation is very important so use a method that will allow you to get the bait as close to the flounder as possible. You don’t want to be too active when moving your bait around but you will need to move it enough to capture the attention of the flounder so it will strike. The closer you get to the flounder, the more likely you are to entice a strike.

3. The best bait to use is live bait. This is what the flounder is most attracted to and what will get the best results. The best live baits to use are minnows, bluefish, shrimp, clams, worms, mullet and small sharks. Be sure to choose the right size bait for this species. You need something that is large enough to stay on the hook when bouncing around on the bottom but it must also be small enough to fit into the small mouth of the flounder. This is something that you may need to experiment with for a while to find the right size.

4. When fishing for flounder in Texas, use fishing rigs. It’s one of the most productive tactics you can use when seeking out this species. It allows you to get the bait over top of the flounder where they can see it and strike.

If you’re use to fishing for species that have a light strike making it hard to tell when you have a bite, you’ll enjoy the change of pace. When the flounder strikes, you’ll know it. The line will all of a sudden feel heavy like it would if you got it caught on some type of obstacle. Nevertheless, you don’t want to set the hook right away. Give it a few seconds because this species has a tendency of holding the bait in its mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. If you jerk too soon, you’ll pull it out of its mouth and lose the catch.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t have a choice and you need to fish with artificial bait, use soft plastic lures. Anything shiny works well but they are also attracted to white, pink and red. Circle hooks are recommended for the best results with this species because it hooks them more securely with the least amount of damage.

Preparation is the key to any good fishing trip so take some time to go through your gear and make sure everything is in order. Replace any worn out fishing line, hooks or anything else that looks old, rusted or in bad shape. Make sure you have a good supply of lures, sinkers, weights and other gear on hand.

The flounder can be a difficult fish to catch but when you apply the tactics above to your fishing techniques and if you have a lot of patience, you’ll eventually begin reeling them in. Flounder fishing in Texas is some of the best you’ll do anywhere and the tactics listed above can help you be more productive and make all of your fishing trips more fun and exciting.

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