Four Hawaii Fishing Secrets

Hawaii is well known as a famous tourist destination. People travel from all over the world to spend a few days in this beautiful oasis. The weather is gorgeous and there are so many different ways to spend your vacation that there is something for everyone. You can sun on the beach, shop the local stores or take in some of the gorgeous scenery. It’s also an excellent place to go fishing.
Many anglers plan their vacations in Hawaii because they can enjoy some excellent fishing while the non-fishermen in the family can enjoy other exciting activities. This way, everyone is happy because they get to enjoy the vacation they always dreamed of having, while you get to enjoy some of the best fishing in the world.
You can do both freshwater and saltwater fishing in Hawaii, whichever you prefer. Some of the most popular species found in the ocean are the blue marlin, tuna, dolphin, barracuda, snapper, Wahoo and Hawaiian salmon. With so many wonderful fishing opportunities available anyone, experienced or not, can have a wonderful time fishing these Islands.
Hawaii Fishing Secrets
Fishing in Hawaii is fun and exciting but it may be a little different from what you’re used to but this is what makes it unique and so much fun. You get to explore new environments and fish for species that may not be in the area where you live. If you decide to follow some of the Hawaiian customs, you can have a very unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s what makes this fishing adventure special and something that you’ll be telling friends about for a very long time.
Here are four Hawaii fishing secrets to help ensure you have a fun and exciting fishing adventure during your vacation:
1. One of the best ways to get the most out of your fishing trip is to use the services of a charter. Before you choose a charter decide what you want to get from your fishing trip and this will help you choose the best one. Be sure and dress comfortably so you can really enjoy your trip.
2. Bottom fishing is one of the best ways to fish in Hawaii. It allows you to get the bait down on the bottom where many of the species are located.
3. When fishing in Hawaii use fishing rigs. These will be very effective and help you reel in a lot of fish with most any technique.
4. Shore fishing is very popular and many anglers use a simple pole with a fishing line, hook and sinker attracted but no reel. Use shrimp, squid or some other type of live bait, drop your line in the water and wait to see what hits it. This type of fishing is fun and exciting because you never know what to expect but you will catch something.
In most cases, you will not need a fishing license when fishing in Hawaii as long as you don’t plan to sell the fish. However, it’s important to find out what the regulations regarding the different species are when planning out your fishing trip. You’re not allowed to keep every species that you catch and you need to know what you can and cannot keep when fishing.
More about Hawaii Fishing
When the school fish move close to the shore, you can see the excitement fill the air. Anglers are all over the place taking advantage of the great fishing opportunities. Some of the most common baits to use when fishing in Hawaii include white eel, shrimp, squid, moray eels and octopus but there are many other types of bait that can be used depending on what species you’re seeking out. Lures work very well for many species too.
If you do plan on using a charter service while in Hawaii, you may want to make arrangements in advance. This will help to make sure you get the one you want or they may be booked up when you’re visiting. You’ll also want to make your reservation for your accommodations to ensure you have a place to stay when you get there.
If you want to go out on a boat but you don’t want to hire a charter you may be able to rent a boat. This is something you would have to check into. If you have a boating license or proof of where you have completed a boating training course, this may be a good option. You get to enjoy the advantages of going offshore to fish but with the freedom of being in complete control.
You can have wonderful time fishing in Hawaii and there are a number of fishing stores where you can buy supplies located throughout the Islands if you need something for your trip. Take some time out to visits some of these even if you don’t need to buy anything. It’s a lot of fun and very interesting to visit these shops so you’re sure to have a great time.

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