Five fishing tactics to try on tuna fish

Tuna is a commercialized fish that has started to attract the attention of common fishermen looking for a genuine thrill. There are 3 main types of tuna sought after for sport. These are the Albacore, Bluefin and Yellowfin. Each one of these have their own unique characteristics that provides a different challenge, which appeals to different types of anglers. Learning all you can about the type of tune fish you wish to seek out will help you to be more productive.

It’s recommended that you talk to your doctor and make sure you’re physically fit before going on a tuna fishing adventure. The reason for this is because this species can really take its toll on your body. You’ll be straining and pulling to reel in the fish when you hook one and you need to be able to handle this strain. You’ll also need endurance because it can take up to several hours to reel in one these fish.

Fishing Tactics for Catching Tuna

It can be difficult to catch tuna so you’ll need to use a few good tactics to increase the amount of success you have. Tactics are simply the approach you take to catch tuna. It can be anything from the technique you use to when you go fishing but it can mean the difference between bringing home a nice catch and going home empty handed.

Here are five fishing tactics to try on your next tuna fishing trip:
1. Trolling – This is an excellent tactic to use when you need to cover a large area in a short amount of time.
2. Drifting- Drift fishing allows the bait to slowly drift into the strike zone in a natural way and this entices a strike from this species.
3. Use Live Bait- Eels, squid, pilchards, mackerel and other small tuna
like yellowfin and skipjack are all excellent choices to entice the fish to strike.
4. Choose the Best Time to Fish- If you want to get the best results, you need to fish when they’re the most active. For tuna, that will be in the early morning and late evening.
5. Chumming- This is a great tactic that helps to lure the tuna to your area since they are often very hard to find otherwise.

All five of these tactics will work well to help you find, hook and reel in tuna. When seeking out a species this size and challenging, you need all the help you can get so it’s a good idea to learn all you can about the specific type of tuna that you’re seeking out.

Tuna Fishing Tips
Here are a few tips that you can use along with the tactics above to help increase the odds of reeling in one of these fish. They are one of the hardest fish species to catch for several reasons. They can grow to some amazing sizes and they can move very fast. But these are the things that make seeking them out so exciting.

Finding tuna is the hardest part but there are a few things that you can do to help you find them faster. Watch for birds actively feeding above the water. They will be where the baitfish are and the tuna will usually be close by searching for a meal. You can also search for dolphins because they often swim underneath the tuna and when this species is actively feeding they will create quiet a scene so just look for all the commotion.

When you hook one keep the line tight. If there is slack in the line it will make it easy for the tuna to get away. You’ll need to practice to find the perfect balance between too much slack and pulling the line too quickly.

Always get prepared before you head out on the water. You need to make sure the boat you’re on is sea-worthy and that you have all the gear you need to handle a fish this size. Even if you catch one of the smaller ones, it’s still going to be a challenge and you need to be prepared for the fight you’ll encounter. Make sure you know the laws on catching this species before you go fishing. Some areas are very strict and you need to follow all of the rules regarding tuna when fishing for them.

You must have a lot of patience and be willing to come home empty handed a few times before you actually catch one. This is not a species that you can go out and catch right away. It takes time and sometimes several trips but when you do get one hooked, the thrill will begin.

Tuna fishing will certainty prove to be one of the most thrilling adventure you’ve ever took part in. They are unpredictable and will help make some very exciting stories to tell. One thing is for sure, it’ll be an adventure that
you’ll always remember.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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