Secrets For Fishing Florida Saltwater

Never be afraid to experiment with different types of baits, colors, shiny tackle and beads. You may be surprised at some of the things that will work well when saltwater fishing. There are so many different species to be caught when fishing in Florida that they respond to many different things that freshwater fish may ignore.

A few of the fish species that can be caught in Florida include:
*         Red Snapper
*         Mahi Mahi
*         Sailfish
*         Marlin
*         Giant Grouper
*         Mako Shark

When saltwater fishing, you can find all types of species close to shore so you can enjoy a great day fishing whether you stay onshore or venture out in the depths of the ocean.

You’ll find different species to be more plentiful than others depending on the time of year when you go fishing. This is because some species are more plentiful when the water is cool in the winter and others flourish more when the waters are warm.

Most all species can be found around structures and other areas where the food source is the most plentiful. Therefore, fishing near brush, rocks, sand bars, weeds and so forth will be very effective. There are many different types of baits available that can be used when saltwater fishing in Florida. A few of the most popular live baits include mullet, shrimp, pinfish, minnows and herring. Some of the best artificial lures to use include crankbait, soft plastic, spinners and jigs.

Anytime you go fishing it’s a good idea to take along artificial lures even if you plan to fish with live bait. This way you’ll have a backup if you run out of bait or if they just don’t seem to be getting the response you’re after. Keep in mind that this type of environment can be very unstable and storms can pop up quickly. Always be alert and pay attention to the forecast before heading to the water to ensure you have a fun and interesting saltwater fishing trip in Florida.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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