Don’t Spare The Rod….

I have never been sea fishing. Can you tell me what
gear I would need for my first trip this summer?

Saltwater gear is not just bigger freshwater gear. Stainless Steel rod guides,
and reel bearings, fighting butts, and big, double crank handles are necessary
features. Don’t try to bring your catfish rod on a Deep Sea excursion, unless
you want it destroyed, and come home with no fish. Like wise, steel leaders are
a must-have to fight toothy marine fish. Saltwater gear is considerably more
expensive than freshwater gear, so unless you plan on going to the sea every
week or so, it’s more feasible to let the charters furnish the equipment. It
doesn’t cost any more to use their equipment.

One of the best rigs for Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna, and others, is a spreader rig. It
is a metal bar that allows you to run 5 to 7 jigs, side-by-side while you are
trolling. It simmulates a school of fleeing baitfish. Another good rig is to
‘Daisy-Chain’ 5 or six tuna jigs, one behind the other.

My favorite Deep-Sea species is go go fishing for Albacore. This involves
high-speed trolling, but it’s a little less intense than going after Bluefin, or
Marlin. You need a rod rated for 80 pound test line, and a good Deep-Sea reel.
Mine is a Penn. My best luck has been with Dk. Blue feathered tuna jigs, but I
have also had good luck with sardines, and anchovies. When using real bait, you
want to hook them through the nose, so they will swim naturally. This is
especially important if you are trying to hook wahoos.

Once you’ve hooked a fish, you want to keep the line straight out in front of
you to avoid line tangles. The rule-of-thumb is ‘No angles, no tangles’. The
boat driver will manuever the boat as needed so you can do this.

Whatever you do, always follow the Mates instructions and suggestions to the
letter. They not only know what they are doing, but they know how to do it
safetly. They have way more experience than you do, so listen to them, and
you’ll have a great fun trip.

Happy fishing.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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