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Ok I like to do deep sea fishing but I hate to rent the rod on the boat so a got a penn 230 my question is how I set up the sinker and the hook how far a part and what type of knot I use to do that and hook number and weight to use for it I like to do inshore fishing is the avet reel good for that and fresh water thank you

You really don’t tell me what kind of deep sea fishing you are planning to attempt. There are many different kinds of deep sea fishing; each has its own requirements concerning equipment. I am going to assume for the purposes of this article you will be reef fishing and explain the proper setup. One of the keys to reef fishing is using a stout heavy action rod that will give you the required hook setting power and also give you the strength required to horse a fish away from the reef where it can and will break off your line. I also recommend using a braided line, not for its toughness but rather it slack of stretch. Start off by obtaining some large egg shaped weights. I advise a variety of sizes as you will want enough to keep the line near the bottom. String the weight onto the line and then attach a two way swivel to the line below the weight. On the other end of the swivel you will attach a leader. I advise using fluorocarbon leaders due to their invisibility properties. I use leaders in the forty to sixty pound test class when fishing the reefs. The leader should be at least eighteen inches long, preferably twenty four inches. I use 1/0 or 2/0 hooks for fishing the reef, the key is to cover the hook completely with the bait you will use. This is pretty much the setup; reef fishing is quite simple when given the proper equipment to work with.

Daniel Eggertsen
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