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Hi Dan! I have a question that is eating away at me…. I am looking to buy a Cape Coral canal lot on the “Enterprise Canal” off of Gleason Pkwy. Some have told me it is a freshwater canal, and others have told me is leads to the Gulf. I used Google Maps and it does seem to eventually lead out to open water after a very long series of going under bridges and twists and turns. Perhaps I overlooked something though. I wanted to know if you can give me the 100% correct answer… Doest this canal lead out to the river and Gulf? Thanks in advance! Brian

Without the address I cannot tell if this lot leads to the gulf. I do have much experience fishing many of the Cape Coral Canals. Most are salt water and do lead to the Caloosahatchee River and then the Gulf of Mexico. As you move further away from the Gulf the canals do turn brackish, there are even some portions of the canals that lead to the gulf that also hold fresh water fish because of the brackish water. A separate system of canals also exists in Cape Coral that is a completely fresh water system with Largemouth Bass and Bluegills as the primary sport fishing species. There are plenty of maps available over the internet that are much better than Google Earth and will tell you definitively if this lot is indeed salt water with Gulf access. You can locate them simply by doing a search on your search engine. Fishing on the Cape Coral canals is excellent. I have caught at least thirty different species of fish in the canals. The most common catches are Shark, Snapper, Redfish, Snook, Tarpon and Marine Catfish. On occasion you will see Goliath Grouper and a large variety of other nice fish. My largest fish was a Bull Shark of about two hundred pounds caught on a large chunk of mullet. The fishing in these canals is much better as you get closer to the Gulf. Even if a lot has Gulf access if it is far away from the gulf the water will have less salinity and will hold less fish.

Daniel Eggertsen
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  1. SweetGypsy says:

    I was wondering do you need a fishing license to fish in the Canals in Cape Coral or at Centenial Park Fort Myers Florida?..I am a fulltime resident here in Cape Coral and I was told one night that I needed one…what about fishing in Matalachia? Need to go fishing again soon! thanks Gypsy

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