Cape Coral Canal Fishing

need some tips for bait what to use on the fish in cape coral fl canals

The Cape Coral canals provide an excellent fishery for many different species of fish. On my last week long trip there I caught Redfish, Snook, Blacktip Sharks, Grouper, Ladyfish, Atlantic Spadefish, Puffers, Sheepshead, Crevalle Jacks, Tarpon and several different species of Snappers. The number one bait of choice on the Cape Corals Canals would be a live shrimp, preferably a live jumbo shrimp. You may have trouble finding large shrimp in the hot summer months but during the other nine months of the year they should be available at the many local bait shops. You can catch just about anything on a live shrimp from a small six inch Snapper to a Tarpon weighing fifty pound or more. Large Snook and Redfish are quite commonly caught in the canal system on shrimp. If you are strictly after larger game then the bait of choice becomes the pinfish. A pinfish is shaped much like a bluegill and very common to these waters. You will catch a large amount of Blacktip Sharks in the summer months using pinfish for bait. The Cape Coral canal system is loaded with Blacktip Sharks in the two to four foot size range. Larger amounts of Goliath Groupers have recently taken up residence in the canals system as well. The enforcement of rules protecting this species over the last several years has resulted in a much improved fishery that has established itself in the canals. Juvenile fish in the five to thirty pound range are caught often using pinfish near docks or other forms of cover.

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4 Responses to “Cape Coral Canal Fishing”

  1. anne key says:

    I love on an average size canal in the Cape
    and want to know if the fish in the canals
    or safe to eat. Trash etc. has been in the
    water and worry about getting sick from fish
    caught in my canal on SE 6th Terrace. They
    must not be as clean as from an ocean. I
    would like to fish my canal, is it safe?
    Please reply, thanks, Anne

  2. Dan Rapoff says:

    where can I fly fish in Cape Coral with no boat?

  3. jonathan says:

    i will be in cape coral florida over the week of 4th of july we are staying at a home at a yaght club just wandering what to expect for fishing back in the canals fishing off the docks and any tips you may have for being succesfull while we are there and the best times to fish like mornings or evenings and such

  4. Bob says:

    I am looking at several properties in the Cape Coral and North Fort Meyers area that have saltwater canal access. How much emphasis should I place on proximity to the river/gulf in determining the quality of the fishing? Most are on straight sections of canal but one property is on a larger body of water connected to the canals.

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