Canals of Cape Coral

Can you really catch fish in the canals of Cape Coral

The canals of Cape Coral, Florida are perhaps the most overlooked hot fishing area in the country. Yes there are plenty of fish to be caught in the canals, but not in all of them. Like any other form of fishing you need to know what makes one spot better than another. Some things to look for are discussed in the following paragraphs. The most successful canals are those that are closer to the large body of water, in the case of Cape Coral it is the Caloosahatchee River. As you get further away from the river the water becomes more brackish and less likely to hold fish. The wider the canal the better the fishing will be, but not for the reason you think. You will not be casting out far into the middle of the canal. Most of the fish will be caught close to the seawall, if there is a dock the situation is even better. I like to position my bait a mere couple feet from the seawall and open the bail of my reel. When a fish bites it will take the bait out to the middle of the canal. This is where the size of the canal comes into play. You can hook onto a very large fish in this manner; the added room to fight the fish comes in very handy when this occurs. Typically you will catch Snook, Redfish, Snappers and a variety of other smaller fish in these canals. Recently I have begun to pull some hefty Goliath Grouper from them as well.

Daniel Eggertsen
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  1. John Bright says:

    Staying in Cape Coral for the month of March on SE38th street. Any fishing opps in these “back end” canals?Thanks. John.

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