Best places in Mexico for deep sea fishing and what to expect

Deep sea fishing in Mexico is a fun and exciting way for any fisherman to spend his vacation. There are many great places where you can plan your trip and you can expect to have the time of your life. Of course, deep sea fishing is no ordinary fishing trip. It’s rough on the body and if you’ve never been on one of these adventures before, it’s recommended that you ask your doctor if your overall health is up to it.

When deep sea fishing in Mexico, you’ll be dealing with some of the largest species you’ve ever seen and you’ll need the strength to pull in the fish you catch as they struggle against your line. If you’ve been given the “go ahead” by your doctor but you’re taking medication, be sure and take it along with you. The middle of the ocean is no place to be when you have an asthma attack or some other problem and no medication to take.

Deep sea fishing involves going offshore until you reach a depth of 30 feet or more. This is where the large species of fish are located and where the excitement begins. Some of the most common species you’ll encounter while deep sea fishing in Mexico are Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish and Sharks. These are some of the most interesting and exciting fish you’ll ever catch!

Best Places to Deep Sea Fish in Mexico

When visiting Mexico, be sure to make your reservation with the charter service or guide in advance to ensure they’re available when you need them. These services can help provide you with a safe and fun deep sea fishing trip you’ll never forget. Although you can fish from almost any hub in Mexico, three areas stand out and they are listed here:

1. Cancun – Cancun is a great place to deep sea fish any time of year for many species such as the Spanish mackerel, barracuda, sharks, snapper amberjack and grouper. However, you can catch a few additional species such as Wahoo, mahi-mahi, sailfish, tuna and marlin between the months of April and August.
2. Cabo San Lucas – This area is the best if you’re primarily going after Marlin. This deep sea fishing destination is located on the West Coast along the Baja Peninsula. This area attracts the larger fish species and that’s why it’s one of the best places to fish for Marlin.
3. Puerto Aventuras- This is the only deep sea fishing marina found south of the Cancun area and it’s located on the Riviera Maya. You can enjoy a full day on the water or a half day trip and there is plenty for the non-fisherman to do while you’re enjoying an exciting fishing trip.

Some of the best deep sea fishing experiences recorded took place in Mexico. It has so much to offer that you may never want to fish anywhere else after spending time in these waters.

Deep Sea Fishing Tactics

The tactics used for deep sea fishing are similar to what you would use when fishing near shore but with much bigger equipment. You need heavy duty gear to catch and reel in the monsters found in the depths of the ocean.
Here are a few of the most common tactics used to deep sea fish:
* Bottom Fishing- When bottom fishing, use circle hooks and live bait for the best results. The circle hooks will secure your catch better and the live bait gets more attention.
* Trolling- This is a great way to cover a large area quick so you don’t waste time searching for the fish.
* Drift Fishing- Letting the boat drift around in a prime location with your bait in the water is a great way to encourage the fish to strike.

When deep sea fishing, some of the best places to fish are around reefs because this is where the small fish live and where the big fish hunt. You can also look for birds hovering over the water and sometimes you can see certain species jumping out of the water. Therefore, being observant will also help you find prime locations for fishing.

When you go fishing in Mexico, you should expect the unexpected. You never really know what you’ll be in store for when you set out for the open waters. Always follow the rules of the charter service or guide you use. They have the experience needed to keep you safe and to ensure you catch the maximum amount of fish possible.

If they tell you bad weather is on the way and you have to head in, know this is for your safety. You don’t need to be on the water when bad weather hits. It’s too dangerous. Deep sea fishing in Mexico will surely be an enjoyable experience. When you’re prepared and know what to expect, it’ll deliver the thrills you’re seeking.

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