Best Places and Baits for Deep Sea Fishing in Miami

Deep sea fishing is a unique and challenging way to seek out some of the larger fish species found in the ocean. It’s not a sport for just anyone because it can prove to be very stressful on the body. Not only do you need to travel far out into the ocean’s depths but you will encounter many obstacles that you can’t prepare for in advance. Nevertheless, if you love adventure and you’re searching for a fishing trip like none other, deep sea fishing just may have exactly what you’re searching for and there is no better place to enjoy this sport than in Miami.

Miami Florida is a beautiful place with excellent fishing weather. You can go fishing most all year long with great success. There are many exciting species to be found off the coast of Miami and the adventurous angler can take advantage of some of the best fishing opportunities they’ve ever encountered. When you’re planning a deep sea fishing trip in Miami, the information that follows can be very useful.

Best Places to Deep Sea Fish in Miami

When you go deep sea fishing, you’ll be traveling way off the coastline to some of the deeper parts of the ocean.
In order to go deep sea fishing you need a vessel large and strong enough to withstand the rough environment and the unexpected challenges you may encounter. The average angler doesn’t have access to this type of equipment. Therefore, unless you’re an experienced deep sea fisherman with the equipment needed to do this type of fishing, hiring a charter service to take you out is your best option.

There are many places to go deep sea fishing in Miami but you need to have a place inland to get started and hire someone to take you out on your fishing expedition.

Some of the best places to go deep sea fishing in Miami start at the following locations:
* Awol Fishing Charters
* Spellbound Capt. Jays Deep Sea Fishing Miami
* International Yacht Charter Group
* SeaCross Sport Fishing
* Capt. Stan’s Deep Sea Chronicles
* Outcast Deep Sea Charters
* Two Bunch Charters

Finding the right charter service may take some time and effort but with a little research and planning you’ll be able to find the right one to suit your individual needs. Call around and find out exactly what each charter has to offer and match these services with the experience you would like to have while deep sea fishing in Miami. When you do this, you should be able to find one that works for you.

Best Baits to Use When Deep Sea Fishing in Miami

It’s hard to determine what baits would be the best when deep sea fishing Miami because a lot will depend on which species you’re seeking out and when you’re fishing. You’ll also want to pick your bait based on the type of fishing that you plan to do because some work best when trolling, while others work best when bottom fishing. Still, there are a few baits that will work well in almost any situation and for most any species.

Some of the best live bait to use when deep sea fishing includes the following: Herring, mackerel, ballyhoo, speedos, mussels, squid, googleyes, shrimp, threadfin and blue runners. The best rule to follow is to determine which species you want to catch and then choose the bait that they are the most attracted to naturally.

Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Deep sea fishing is much different from any other type of fishing you’ll ever do. You’ll be travelling offshore to some of the deepest parts of the water where many people never venture. You’ll need to be in good physical condition because this type of fishing takes its toll on the person both mentally and physically. It can be tough being that far out into the ocean and some of these species are so large that it takes several fishermen and the help of the equipment to get them onboard.

It’s important to dress comfortably when deep sea fishing. Dress in layers because the temperatures can change quickly and always wear a good comfortable pair of shoes. You’ll also need sunscreen, fishing hat, sunglasses and plenty of snacks and beverages.

Three of the most popular techniques to use when deep sea fishing are bottom fishing, drift fishing and trolling with trolling being the most popular of them all. Along with the regular gear that you’ll be using when fishing such as rods, reels, hooks and so forth, you’ll also be using nets, gaffs and spears.

Different species of fish will be more abundant during different seasons so if you have a particular species in mind that you want to catch, it would be a good idea to learn as much about them as you can. This way, you can plan your deep sea fishing trip in Miami during a time when that particular species is the most abundant and aggressive.

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