Best baits and fishing secrets when deep sea fishing in Maine

It’s easy to see why so many anglers are attracted to deep sea fishing and you’ll find Maine to be a great place to enjoy this sport. Venturing out into the depths of the ocean is an adventure in itself. When you add seeking out some of the largest game fish you’ve ever imagined to the picture, the thrill increases.
There are several ways for you to enjoy a safe and rewarding deep sea fishing adventure in Maine. One way is to hire a private charter service to take you fishing. The right one will cater to your individual needs and ensure that you have a great time. Another option would be to go fishing on a “party boat”. These offer great fishing opportunities but you can also enjoy the company of others who are new to the sport.
When deciding which service to use, you’ll have to ask yourself what type of experience you want to have and which species you want to catch. Some of the most sought out species include swordfish, marlin, sharks and tuna but there are many more.
Best Baits to Use in Maine
The bait you use is very important and you’ll want to choose something that the species you’re seeking out is attracted to naturally. Therefore, it’s a good idea to learn all you can about the species you want to catch before going fishing. However, some baits are available that seem to always work well when deep sea fishing in Maine.
Live bait is the most popular choice among experienced anglers. These include shad, shiners, squid, herring and oversized shrimp. Cut bait is also an option especially when you need to draw the species to you, instead of searching for them and it’s an excellent bait to use when fishing for sharks.
Artificial bait is an option when deep sea fishing but it’s not used as often as live bait. If you do use lures, then you need to choose fluorescent or very bright colors so it can be seen in the dark waters of the ocean when fishing in the deep water. Look for the larger lures that are similar to the natural baitfish of the species you’re seeking out.
Deep Sea Fishing Secrets for Maine
When deep sea fishing in Maine, trolling is an excellent technique to use. Finding the fish is often difficult and this method lets you cover a large area fast. Once you begin getting bites, stop and anchor in the area for awhile and fish. When you’ve been fishing for about twenty minutes with no bites, begin trolling again and look for a new area.
A big part of having a successful fishing trip, is knowing how to tie fishing knots correctly. If you’re rusty in this area, then it would be a good idea to brush up on your knot tying before going on your fishing trip. It could mean the difference between reeling in the fish and watching it swim off when the knot comes loose.
Things You Should Know about Deep Sea Fishing
When you’re planning to go deep sea fishing, there are a few things that you should be aware of concerning the sport. This is a type of fishing that is very strenuous on the body. The species found in the depth of the ocean can be extremely large and it takes more than one person to reel one in. Even with a crew of four or five and the special gear needed to enjoy this type of fishing, you’ll be straining to reel your catch up to the boat and then onboard.
If you have any special limitations or medical conditions, it would be wise to see your doctor before planning your trip. Make sure this is something that you can do physically without complications. If you get the “go ahead” from your doctor, then you can begin making plans.
This type of fishing is not only physically demanding but you need to be in the right mindset as well. Depending on what type of trip you’re planning, you’ll be on the water for hours. You have to travel a good ways offshore to find the species you’re seeking out and this takes time. Once you get there, you’ll want to stay long enough to get in some quality fishing time.
There will be times when you won’t get any bites at all and this can get discouraging but know that when you do get a bite, it will be well worth the time spent. Deep sea fishing in Maine is challenging but exciting. It’s a feeling that just can’t be explained with words. Instead, you need to plan your deep sea fishing trip and experience the thrill personally. It’s something that you will surely be talking about for a long time to come.

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