Amazing Saltwater Fishing Records

In 1964, Walter Maxwell, a bricklayer, decided to do a little fishing off the pier. At that time fishing for sharks was a big thing. You could see the Tiger Sharks in the water from the pier. It was, however, not an easy thing to catch one. Most fishermen lacked the correct gear. On this day, Maxwell, was using 1300 yards of 130 pound test line on his reel and five pound skate bait hooked onto 14/0 hooks attached to almost 30 feet of steel cable. The previous Saturday he’d lost a huge shark, along with one of his gaffs, fishing off the same pier. When this monster fish hit, Maxwell missed it the first time as he was watching two of his other lines that were getting hits, when he looked up the rod tip was down. He rushed over and about that time his fish surged, he rolled about 200 yards from the pier.

The shark headed south . Maxwell had let out a little more than a mile and a half of line before stopping the fish, the line built up on the reel then smoked off, Maxwell couldn’t get any leverage, he needed to be on the beach instead of up in the air on the pier. After four and a half hours of fighting this fish it finally rolled under the pier. It had bitten one hook off and the other was barely caught in the sharks mouth, almost within reach of it’s razor sharp teeth.

The leader came into reach, but with Maxwell being so high up, he couldn’t get it, he managed to get his gaff in the huge fish’s mouth, the handle broke free, but the inch thick gaff line held. Maxwell jumped to the sand and hauled his fish to the shore break lassoing the sharks head and tail. It took a dozen men and three ropes to haul the fish above the surf.

They called a tow truck and during the long wait, the fish lost 10% of his body weight. It still beat the old record by 350 pounds!

There are many exciting stories of world record catches out there. I found these three to be some of the most interesting ones. Records are being broken all the time, who knows who will hold the record with the most interesting story behind it next! It will be interesting to see!

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Daniel Eggertsen
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