Alabama Saltwater Fishing Areas

The Tripletail, a Very Odd Fish Indeed

The Tripletail is an odd looking fish to begin with. Just picture a foot and a half long Crappie and you’ll have and idea of what these brutes look like. These fish can be found most plentifully at a depth of thirty to sixty feet although they can at times be found much deeper. Common in the eight to ten pound range, forty pounders have been reported.

The truly odd thing about triples is that unlike most other fish, they have the curious habit of lounging on their sides. Why do they do it? Nobody really knows. Maybe because they’ve always done it that way and haven’t found a reason to change!

Like the dolphin, they also have a preference for driftlines when feeding although they are not limited to them. A good way to catch them here is with a shrimp rigged with a popping cork so that the shrimp is about a foot below the surface. This usually piques their interest. Also effective along driftlines is fly fishing using a crab pattern. Try to cast past the triple and slowly retrieve it as close to the fishes nose as you can.

How to Get to Where the Fish are

If it’s convenient you might want to bring your own boat. Otherwise, a large assortment of charters are available. You have your choice of Dauphin Island, Orange Beach, and Mobile Bay as ports of origin, just to name a few. Some specialize in fly fishing; this is a fine choice for fishing the flats that Alabama is renowned for. Others specialize in blue water. Others fall somewhere in between.

Be Sure to Buy a License

To fish offshore in Alabama a license is mandatory. If you are a non resident you can get a seven day license which is a deal because a non resident annual is $45. Unless you reside in Louisiana; in which case you’ll be required to pony up $90. At that price you might as well move from Lousiana to Alabama!

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