A new fishing tip for grouper and when to use it

The grouper is a very popular game fish sought out along the coast of Florida and in the Bahamas. The best place to fish for this species is in the Florida Keys. This is where they’re the most plentiful and grow the largest. Anglers visit from all over the nation to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities found here.
Anglers fish for grouper because they are a strong species that will fight hard against the line. This makes them fun and challenging to reel in. They also have a white, firm meat that turns any meal into a delicious feast whether they’re grilled or fried.

You can fish for grouper with both live and dead bait with excellent results. However, you do want to fish on the bottom because this is where you’ll find this species most of the time. If you can, fish around shipwrecks, rocks and deep holes because grouper hide out in these waiting for food to come by. When you get one next to your boat, use a gaff to lift it from the water to the boat.

When using the gaff, hook the fish in the mouth and this will prevent you from damaging the fish and it will reduce the risk of you losing your catch. If you try to lift the fish with the rod and reel, it will put too much weight and strain on the gear and it can rip through its mouth. It’s also possible for your fishing line or rod to snap from the weight.

Grouper Fishing Tip

It’s helpful to have as many good fishing tips on hand as you can when you’re seeking out grouper because they can help you reel in more fish. However, sometimes, just having one good tip and knowing when to use it can turn your fishing trip into one you’ll always remember.

Here is one such tip.

Groupers an aggressive striker so you need to be prepared both mentally, physically and by having the right gear to use for this species. When they take the bait, they actually inhale it and swim straight into the closest structure. If you’re not prepared for this, you’ll have problems.

For example, if you’re not holding your rod and reel securely and the grouper grabs the bait quickly, it could jerk it right out of your hands. Many a fisherman have chased their gear to the edge of the water or side of the boat as a result of not holding on tight and some of them watched as they disappeared into the water.

Another problem that you may run into is that if they get into structures and wrap around something, you may not be able to work them out enough to start reeling them in. Therefore, it’s vital that you stay observant and keep a tight hold on your gear at all times. As soon as you set the hook, begin reeling in that fish as fast as you can to prevent it from getting into the structures. Be sure and keep the slack out of the line too.

Pull up the tip of the rod to lift the fish and begin reeling it in as you lower it. Continue to do this as you work the fish off the bottom. After you get the fish off the bottom about midway to the surface, stop this action and pay close attention to your line. Don’t reel in when the fish is pulling off the drag because this could rip the hook out of the mouth, since it will be fighting so hard to get back to the bottom and safety. When it stops pulling, start reeling it in and repeat until you get the grouper next to the boat.

Grouper Fishing Techniques

You can catch grouper using the same techniques that you would use for most any species as long as you use heavier gear to accommodate both its size and the struggle you’ll encounter.

Here are the three most popular ways to fish for grouper:
1. Bottom Fishing
2. Trolling
3. Flat Lining

Bottom fishing and trolling are the two main techniques used when fishing for grouper. When bottom fishing, you’ll need to use heavy tackle. When trolling, fish in water between 15 to 25 feet deep for the best results. Flat lining works best in water between 4 and 12 feet deep.

Take extra tackle with you on your fishing trip because most anglers lose a lot when fishing for this species.
You’ll also want to use a heavy leader to help keep your bait in the strike zone. Catching grouper can be a little difficult but it can also be a lot of fun. Use this tip and the other information found here to help you reel in more of the fish you hook. Have a great time reeling in those grouper!

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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