Catching Tarpon Is Exciting

There are many lures that can get the attention of the tarpon but the most commonly used is plugs. When using the technique of fly fishing it is suggested that you use yellow or orange streamers. Many anglers have described fly fishing for tarpon as the most exciting fishing experienced they ever had.

When fishing for tarpon you need to cast out your line and be patient. Let the tarpon come to your bait. When you think you have a bite give the line a tug to set the hook. Considering the tarpons mouth is so tough it is better to use several quick tugs to set the hook than to try and do it in one hard jerk.

After reeling in the tarpon you will need to use a gaff. A gaff is a long handled hook that is used to help reel in a large sized fish. Use it to gaff the tarpon through the bottom lip while you take out the hook. Then you are ready to take any pictures you want and carefully release the fish back into the water.

You do need to revive the tarpon before releasing it back into the water or it will not be able to survive. It will simply sink down to the bottom and end up dieing. The best way to revive the tarpon is by holding its mouth open with gloves and let the water rush through the gills until it starts to pull away from you.

There is not any one particular strategy that you can use that will work perfectly every time you go fishing or for every person. As a result, you need to experiment and try different things until you find what works best for your unique situation. Keep in mind that the tarpon is a very stubborn species that will put up quite a fight so go prepared and have a great time.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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