Unique Shark Fishing Techniques

You never know for sure what size the shark will be until you actually come in contact with them. By having a variety of gear you will always be prepared for anything. Use a heavy leader when shark fishing that ranges about 15 feet in length and monofilament line that weighs 100 pounds. You also need a float so you can fish at different depth since the sharks are located at different places throughout the water.

Drift fishing is the main technique used to catch sharks. It is a simple method which is very effective. Sharks won’t just swim right up to your boat unless you present them with bait they can’t resist. This is why chum is the number one bait to use when shark fishing.

It will draw the shark to your location so you don’t have to spend as much time searching for them. Using other smaller fish will also help you have some amazing results when you go shark fishing because this is their natural food source. You should experiment with different baits to see which ones work the best for your location.

Shark charters are available to take you out on the water if you need assistance. There are many advantages to using a charter service. For one thing, they know where all the hot spots are located and can take you right to an area where the sharks are plentiful. Another advantage is the fact that they know the waters. This is important because safety is your number one concern and you need someone familiar with the area to keep you out of danger. They will also know when warning signs appear that indicate you need to head inland right away.

Shark fishing can be an amazing adventure that is unlike any other. It is different from other types of fishing and has a lot to offer. However, it can also be a little harder than going after some of the other species so be prepared for the fight. Have fun shark fishing!

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