Three Secrets for New Jersey Tuna Fishing

When saltwater fishing for tuna, it’s a good idea to take along a few personal items that can help to make your trip more enjoyable. You may be out on the water for some time so take a cooler with snacks and beverages, a hat, a light jacket, sunscreen and always wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Basic Tips for Saltwater Fishing

Knowing a few basic tips could help turn a dull boring tuna fishing trip into an exciting and productive one. It’s vital that you take the time to prepare for your New Jersey tuna fishing adventure in advance. This is not a species that you can successfully fish until you have everything prepared and ready.

Some of the best bait used when tuna fishing include mackerel, pilchards, squid and other small tuna. If using artificial baits, choose the ones that resemble their natural food source for the best results. You must also be prepared to head out for deeper waters if you want to catch tuna. They will not be found anywhere within ten miles of the shoreline.

There are a couple of signs that you can look for to help you spot tuna. If you find a school of dolphins it would be worth your time to stop and check out the area. Tuna will often swim underneath the dolphins. This makes them harder to catch but the right tactics can land you a nice one. Another sign would be a flock of birds hovering over a particular area. When tuna is near the surface feeding, they make quite a mess. The birds are hanging out waiting for a chance to swoop down and grab a bite.

Drift fishing and trolling are the methods most often used to catch tuna in New Jersey. They provide the angler with the means to entice the tuna to strike so they will have a chance to hook and reel in one of these monsters. When trolling, speed is important and should be adjusted according to the fishing conditions. The best piece of advice any angler seeking out tuna can receive is to always be prepared for anything especially a long fight. Once you hook one of these fish, they can actually fight for hours until you’re at the point of exhaustion. So you can why reeling in a large tuna is quite an accomplishment.

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