The Number One Tip for Tuna Fishing

More Great Tips for Tuna Fishing

There are a few other tips that can also help you be more productive when tuna fishing. For example, if you want to reel in the tuna, you need to be prepared to head out to the deeper water. You will normally begin seeing tuna when you reach about ten miles offshore. Once you get out far enough, they’re pretty easy to spot. Many times you will find a flock of birds hovering overtop of where schools of tuna are feeding heavily. They also tend to hang out below dolphins, which makes it a little difficult to catch them at times.

Two of the most popular methods used to catch tuna are trolling and drift fishing. Both of these have proven to be very effective. When trolling for tuna it’s important that you control your speed carefully. Normally, going between four to eight miles an hour works great. The best time to seek out tuna is when the weather is warm because this is when they will be closer to the surface. In the winter, they will be in the deeper waters and harder to find.

When you get a strike, make sure that you’re ready because they will hit hard. The advantage of this is the fact that they will often hook themselves when they strike so hard. The disadvantage is that they will take off very quickly and without warning, often catching the angler by surprise. Do your best to keep the line tight to make sure he is hooked and that he stays that way.

Be prepared to fight for an extended period of time if you’ve hooked a large tuna. They can fight for hours until one of you finally wins. Many times, they do get away because they’ll snap the line into or work the hook out but if you get him close enough to the edge of the boat, you can hook him with the gaff and pull him on in.

It’s recommended that you go tuna fishing in a group. It can be difficult for two or three men to haul in some of these fish, depending on their size. One thing is for sure, once you reel in tuna, you’ll have a whole new respect for the sport of fishing.

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