5 Striper Techniques

Drift Fishing – This is another popular technique because it’s simple and easy to use and it gets results. It allows you to get the bait in the area where the stripers are located so you can entice them to take your offering.

Surf Fishing – If you prefer not to go fishing from a boat, then surf fishing is an excellent technique that works great for reeling in the stripers. It offers lots of fun and excitement for the angler.

Jigging – This is an excellent technique that allows you to get the bait right in the middle of where the stripers are located so they will be tempted to take the bait.

Choose the technique that you feel the most comfortable with and you’re sure to get some great results. Of course, it never hurts to experiment and try different things if you have the opportunity. If one thing is not working, then you may want to try a different technique to see if it gets better results. You never know what kind of mood the stripers will be in at any given time. Therefore, variety could be your key to success.

Tips for Catching Stripers

These tips will help you be even more successful when using the techniques listed above. Look for stripers where the cold water meets the warm water because this change in temperature slows down the movement of the baitfish. The stripers move into these areas so they can take advantage of this. They will also be plentiful at channels.

Light color topwater lures are some of the best options to use when fishing for stripers. Cast out past the area where the stripers are located and reel your lure back in through the middle of the school to entice them to strike.

Basically, any artificial bait that resembles the striper’s natural food source will yield the best results. Bluefish, blood worms, shiners, shrimp, sardines and shad are excellent choices for live bait.

The striper is a strong species that can provide the angler with a thrilling and exciting fishing trip. This is one of the reasons they are so popular. They will hit the bait fast and very hard so you need to be alert and ready.

This species can grow to some incredible sizes and they always present a challenge you’ll remember for a long, long time.

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