Three Ocean Fishing Secrets

Number Two: Choose Your Technique
Just like when you’re choosing the right bait, in order to know which technique would be the best to use at any given time, you need to know which species you plan to seek out. However, you also need to know whether you plan to surf fish, pier fish, cruise around the shoreline or go deep sea fishing. Once these decisions have been made, you can choose between the different techniques. When choosing a species that stick close to the shoreline, such as the redfish, you will want to stay close to the shore and use a technique that allows you to get around the structures where they like to hide out.

When fishing for flounders or other bottom feeding species, you will need a technique that gets the bait down on the bottom of the water. When you want to reel in some of the largest species of fish found in the ocean, deep sea fishing is where you need to go. After you make these decisions, you can decide between all the different fishing techniques such as casting, jigging, fly fishing, still fishing, surf fishing and so forth.

Number Three: Take Advantage of Fishing Reports
You may be surprised to learn that fishing reports can and do hold some valuable information that can greatly enhance your ocean fishing trip. Use these reports to your advantage. They can give you an idea of which species are being the most active, which baits are working the best and even the best time to seek out certain species. Fishing reports are easy to find for most any area. Normally, all you have to do is jump online and do a little research.

Be prepared and you will find all of your ocean fishing trips will go smoother and be more productive. The three ocean fishing secrets listed above can help you be prepared so you can turn every fishing adventure into a great experience.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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