Three California Ocean Fishing Tips

Tip Three: When and Where to Go Fishing

Learn when the best times would be to go ocean fishing in California. This will partly depend on which species you’re seeking out so you will need to make this decision first.

There are many methods available that can help you decide when to go and how to find a good location when California ocean fishing. It’s advised that you take advantage of everything that’s available to you. For example, fishing reports are easy to get and they provide some great information. They will tell you where the best fishing spots are for different species, which baits are working the best and so forth. You can talk to locals to see what suggestions they have to offer and many times the local bait shop owners have some great tips to offer.

It’s also a good idea to know the rules and regulations that govern the California ocean waters. These can be different depending on where you’re fishing so it’s important to know what the rules are before you go out on the water. A great fishing trip can be ruined by breaking rules that you may not have even known were in place. Don’t let this happen to you, take the time to get familiar with the laws so every trip can be a successful one.

Using the three California ocean tips listed above will help to make your fishing trips more fun and exciting because you’ll be prepared. You’ll know when to go fishing, where to go and what type of gear you need in order to reel in more fish. There is nothing more exciting and relaxing at the same time than going fishing in beautiful California.

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Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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