New Jersey Saltwater Fishing For Dummies

Swordfish and marlins are off the New Jersey coast in the deep waters during fall and summer. Troll with baits such as squid and other fish baits. Tautog and blackfish are found in the reefs, peat banks, weeds and rocks. The coastal bays are a great place to fish for these fish. Use bait such as mussels, clams, crabs, sand bugs or green crabs to catch the tautog and blackfish. During the summer, you can fish for tuna with fish chunks such as marlin. These fish are going to be deep in the ocean. They can be caught by trolling very fast or chumming.

To sum it up, you can catch sea bass from shore or boat in the bays or the deep sea, May through November.

Blowfish is caught along the shore and the bays by fishing from a boat or shore during the months of October, September and May.

Bluefish can be caught from the shoreline, bays and the deep sea by boat or from shore. The best time to fish is between May and December.

Fluke can be caught during the months between May and October from a boat or from the shoreline. They are also found in the deep waters.

Kingfish and marlin are best fished for during July, August and September from the deep sea in a boat. Kingfish also is caught in the bay areas from shore.

Shark can be caught between May and October from the shorelines, bays and the deep waters. They are caught wit almost any fish meat.

Follow this guide and you will enjoy fishing for saltwater fish in New Jersey. The area is beautiful and great for fishing.

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