How To Choose From Texas Saltwater Fishing Charters

If you are unfamiliar with using circle hooks you may want to consider that in your selection.  It is a big adjustment to hook a fish with a circle hook compared to a “J” hook.  I am not saying it is better or worse, but it is certainly different.

Gather as much information as you can about each of the available charters on the internet.  Each of the major charter boats generally has a website that shows their rates, the type of trips they offer, pictures showing the size of their boat and what features it has.  Go further however than just the website of each charter.  Further research on the internet will reveal forums and posts that will have customer reviews of charter boat captains. Read about their experiences on trips.  Be sure to research each one thoroughly, paying more attention to negative feedback than you will positive feedback which often is planted by the captain.

After you have narrowed your list of choices down to no more than three or four the last step is to make a phone call to each of the ones you like.  Tell the captain exactly what type of trip you are seeking and allow him to respond.  Be sure to listen to what he tells you as he is an expert in his field.  It is possible the trip you wish to take is not right for the time period you will be in Texas to fish. Each species of fish has a particular time of the year when they are more prone to be caught in Texas waters.

Be flexible and allow the captain to give you options you may not have thought of.  Forming the right charter trip is a collaborative effort between you, the customer, and the captain of the vessel who provides the knowledge of the local waters.  Be sure to tell him the entire details of the trip, number of fishermen and their ages and level of experience fishing.

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