Striper Fishing – How to Catch Striped Bass

When it comes to lures, spoons, jigs and diving plugs seem to work great in shallow water. It is suggested that you use light spinning equipment when you are fishing for the smaller stripers and move up to the medium equipment for the larger ones.

Basic Information about Stripers

Stripers can weigh up to one hundred pounds or more but you will very seldom see (much less catch) any that weigh over fifty pounds. The average size striper found in most lakes usually weigh somewhere around ten to fifteen pounds. It is believed that stripers can live approximately thirty to forty years.

When you are saltwater striper fishing, you will get the best results when the tide is coming in or right after a very low tide. This species usually reside along the sandy beaches and rocky shorelines so you need to make sure you check out these areas whenever possible. Stripers are also located in shallow bays and around river mouths. As stripers age they will begin to migrate but this does not normally happen until after they are two years old.

As with most species of fish the striper begin spawning in the spring and it will last through to the early part of summer. Water ranging around sixty-five degrees is the most desired temperature for spawning and where the most activity will be found. Of course, the best time to fish for stripers will be during the spawning season.

The main thing that you need to remember when you go striper fishing is to have fun and stay safe while on the water. Take precautions whenever necessary and follow the rules and regulations of the lake to ensure each fishing trip is an enjoyable one.

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