Kayak Fishing Gear You Must Have

Rod Holder – You will need a rod holder on your kayak to prevent losing your equipment in the water.

Fishing Line – You should always have extra fishing line with you because you never know when it will need to be replaced.

Lures – It would be difficult to use live bait when fishing from a kayak due to the limited space but you do need a good assortment of lures to keep you going throughout the duration of your fishing trip.

Tackle Box – Searching for your hooks, lures and other necessaries is not fun on a kayak. Have a well-stocked and organized tackle box on board to simply make things easier so you can enjoy more fishing time.

It’s important to have all of the essential gear if you want to get the most out of your kayak fishing trip. While fishing, it’s recommended you keep all the hatches closed to prevent the water from seeping into the kayak.

All of your gear should be checked before heading out to ensure they’re in good shape. Replace anything that’s worn or damaged in any way. Being prepared is the key to having a safe and productive kayak fishing trip. It can be very disappointing to get out on the water and discover that you don’t have all of your gear with you.

For safety reasons you should inform someone at home of your destination and when you plan on returning. This way, if you’re not back when expected, there would be someone with this information and officials would know where to begin a search if deemed necessary. Check the weather conditions before heading out. You don’t want to be out in the water on a kayak and get caught off-guard by a bad storm.

Kayak fishing is a wonderful experience that anyone can enjoy. Once you give it a try, you may be hooked for good. They are less expensive than other watercrafts so most anyone can afford one regardless of what type of budget you have. They’re also smaller which makes them easier to transport and they can be handled by one or two people much easier than many styles of boats.

Using the information provided here can help to make sure your next kayak fishing trip is fun, productive and above all, safe.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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