3 Best Flounder Lures

It’s always a good idea to experiment with different types of lures when fishing for flounders to find out which one works the best in your location. The waters depth, temperature, clarity and other conditions will be a factor that affects which lures will work the best.

Look for the flounder in areas where you see baitfish gathered together. This is a good indication the flounder is nearby. Inlets, piers and drop-offs are also good locations where they are usually plentiful. These are good places for them to hide and ambush their food as it swims past.

Techniques Used to Catch Flounder

When fishing for flounder drift fishing is one of the best techniques used. The reason for this is because drift fishing will allow the bait to move across the bottom of the water or near structures where the flounder normally stay. This technique lets you cover a wider area so you’re more likely to find a group of flounder faster than other methods.

Another technique that is used by many anglers is trolling. This method also allows you to cover a wide area in a short period of time. You can use different baits and fish at different depths making it faster and easier to learn what interest the flounder the most at any given time.

When you feel a bite, don’t jerk the line right away. The flounder tends to try and swallow the bait. When he does, this will set the hook for you. If you jerk before he swallows it, then it’s a good possibility that you’ll pull it right out of his mouth. Once the hook is set, keep the line tight and reel him in steadily but slowly. It also helps to work the rod back and forth while reeling him in. It’s recommended that you use a net to help pull him from the water onto the boat.

Even if you do everything right, be prepared to lose a few. The flounder can be very subtle when they do take your bait. Many times they’ll take it and settle back down on the bottom so it can be difficult sometimes to even know you have a bite. The flounder will fight hard when being reeled in. They will swim around structures and if you get slack in the line, they have a tendency of working the hook loose. However, with patients, determination and practice, you’ll be reeling in more than you lose.

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