5 Tips for planning a California fishing charter

There are plenty of things you should be looking at for a California charter, but this is the top 5 that can make or break such a trip for you:

Location – California has plenty of water for fishing so your first course of action is to narrow down where you want to go. There are huge ocean areas for salt water fishing and medium or small lakes for fresh water fishing. You may be traveling to a certain area of California for a given reason and want to go fishing while you are there. Otherwise you can explore the various regions and see what seems like a good fit for the type of fish you want to go after. You can also check around online to see what information others have to share about their experiences. When you see those pros and cons it can influence the location that you try.

What is offered – There is so much variety offered with a California charter so never assume that they are all the same. You want to think about what is really important to you. For example do you want to carry along your own tackle or do you want all of that to be supplied for you? Will you be sleeping on the vessel or going out each morning and coming back at night? Will meals be offered for you or do you need to plan to take your own food with you? All of these factors have to really be looked at so that you have everything you need for your fishing expedition.

Experience – Just because you own a boat and offer it for charter doesn’t mean you have experience. It can be very upsetting to go on a California charter and discover that the person in charge of it doesn’t have the right skills. Ask what experience someone has and if they have a love for fishing. Some of these guys have even won contests for certain fish as they know the perfect locations to go and they can take you out there. Safety has to be something that is considered too and if the charter isn’t manned by someone that has the right knowledge you are putting yourself into danger. Don’t feel intimidated about asking them how long they have operated a boat and even any certifications that you have. A legitimate California charter is going to expect those questions and be willing to offer you the information you request.

Size of the vessel – With a California charter you will find that there are many sizes. Some of them are only large enough for the captain and then one or two people. That may be all you are looking for. Others allow you to take along many people with you and that can be fun too. With a larger vessel though you want to make sure other parties aren’t going to be on it with yours. That can be uncomfortable being around people you don’t know and if the personalities don’t mesh it can ruin your good time.

Ask to see photos of the vessel that you will be securing. You don’t want to just assume that what you see in a flier or what is on their website is what you will be able to go out in. The more details you get the better you will find your trip is going to be.

Cost – For many people though the cost of a California charter is what really seals the deal. They are often more affordable than people think but there are ways that you can save money. Look online for special offers that are often less than if you call the place directly to set it up. If possible book your charter for the middle of the week because the cost over the weekend is going to be much more. That is the time when most people are looking for them and the demand increases the price.

You may have to pay a deposit when you book your California charter with the rest due to at the time you show up. When you pay a deposit make sure you have a way to verify it such as through a credit card payment. You want to find out if that deposit is refundable too if you aren’t able to make it for your trip for any reason. Even the best laid out plans can have some last minute disruptions.

Everything that has to do with your California charter should be in writing. You should have a contact phone number, location, and other details. Don’t leave anything to chance and you don’t want any surprises to come up along the way. If you don’t know something then make sure you ask. It is better to know and be prepared then to arrive and feel like you weren’t really getting what you had in mind.

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