5 Tips for Inland Saltwater Fishing

The grass flats of the Southern Florida Keys offer a different perspective on fishing.  Here you can drive you car off the side of the road and encounter a large section of water that is roughly two to three feet deep and full of large fish to catch.  Within twenty five yards of your car you can walk into the water and wade fish for several different species.

You can see many of these fish and sight fish for them. Redfish are spotted by their tell tale black spotted tail breaking the surface of the water while they stick their head into the thick grass in search of a crustacean or small fish.  Bonefish can be seen moving swiftly through the flats to feed.  Tarpon of course are so large you cannot help but see one that is within casting distance.  It is important that you move stealthily through the water when wading.  Splashing about or making any unnecessary noise is really not a very good idea if you want to catch as many fish as possible.

When you do locate a fish by sight when wading do not make the most common mistake beginning anglers make.  They all generally cast heir line directly at the fish and more often than not spook the fish. You need to cast your offering well beyond the fish and then use both the motion of the water and your retrieve to slowly bring your bait with the strike zone of the moving fish.  This is a technique that will certainly require a great deal of experience but it is one that where the knowledge gained will have a great positive effect on the amount of hookups you obtain.

When fishing from a fixed point of shore like near a seawall or bridge the use of a chum bag will enhance your success immensely. Just be sure to have a constant chum bag in the water as interrupting a chum slick negates the effectiveness of the exercise.

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Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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