5 Techniques Salt Water Fishing Alaska

Some of the most common homemade baits for salt water fishing are:
*         Peanut butter Tuna
*         Tuna Doughballs
*         Minnow Bait
*         Rotten Meat Mix

There are plenty of recopies out there and if you’re lucky you can find someone willing to share some of their own tried and true concoctions.

Salt Water Fishing Rods and Poles
If you can afford it you’ll want to have a couple different types of fishing rods and poles. You might want to consider having doubles of certain rods as well. While it’s unlikely that you’ll actually break or lose one, Murphy’s Law sucks. It’s always better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.

When choosing a fishing rod you’ll need to consider what type of fish you’re going for and what you’ll be fishing from. Some poles are meant to be mounted and not handled outside of one. Some will give you the flexibility of being able to do both. Regardless you will want to buy strong poles that won’t easily break. Always expect the unexpected, especially in Alaska.

The Right Boat for the Right Job
You have three choices when it comes to fishing from a boat in Alaska. You can have a boat that has an engine, one that has oars or a boat that has both. One of the most common mistakes of fishing from a boat is not turning the motor off completely before you start fishing. While this might sound like a no brainer, it happens quite often. Having a motor and oars is the best bet you have for the right situation.

Following these simple rules and remembering that fishing takes patience will better prepare you for your next Alaskan fishing trip. If you don’t make the proper preparations before you leave your house you’re going to hate life when you get to fishing. You want to spend time fishing and not worrying about what you didn’t plan for. Make your next trip less stressful by planning ahead with these simple techniques.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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