5 Striped Bass Fishing Tips

Another secret is the importance of not scaring away the fish. It sounds like a given but striped bass can spook really easy so it’s important that you avoid boat motors and other loud noises that will scare them away. You don’t want to try to fish near novice fishermen who are using boat motors in the area as this will also affect your chances of success with fishing for them.

If you’re fishing from a boat, you want to turn it down to the lowest speed possible and coast when it’s possible so that the boat motors do not scare away the bass. Then you can sneak up on the bass without them even knowing it. You could also try oaring your motorboat. Take the oars along with you and you can steer to the perfect location without your motor running and without the fish getting scared away. While it will require some real work and effort on your part, it can place you ahead of other anglers trying the same fishing locations but using their motors.

Tips for Technique
Now that you know these basics, you need to learn some real techniques for when you’re on the waters fishing. For example, there’s a tactic that makes it easier to trick the bass when you’re casting for them so that you can cast the line in front of the fish. This makes sure he will see your bait and go for it.

Most novice fishermen actually cast the line behind the fish which does no good and will lead to few catches. You also need to remember that the fish will be moving while you’re fishing so you want to get ahead of him. It’s like leading your shots when hunting. You want the fish to swim into your bait and see it ahead of him and go after it. Another good tip is to use the right kind of bait.

This is important for any type of fishing but it’s especially true when fishing for striped bass. When you know the eating habits of the bass and you choose the right bait, you will have the upper hand when it comes to catching your share of them. With these tips you can get the striped bass you want anytime.

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