5 Secrets to use Saltwater Fishing Carolina

4.       To fish the Carolina rig correctly you need to fish it like a crankbait and scoot it across the bottom of the water. It’ll follow the depth and contour of the oceans floor and looks much like live bait, which is why they are so hard for the fish to resist.

5.       It’s advised that you keep your Carolina rigs in a separate tackle box and separate the beads, sinkers, swivels and so forth in different compartments to keep them neat and easy to use. This will make it faster and easier to put one together while you’re out on the water and keep the ones already assembled from becoming tangled up.

These 5 secrets to use saltwater fishing Carolina rigs can help make each and every one of your fishing trips more fun and productive. When you have something the fish are attracted to, it’s easy to get their attention and entice them to strike your line. Since more strikes mean more opportunities to reel in more fish, you can see why they are so popular.

There’s no reason to not give these rigs a try but once you do, be prepared. You may find that they work so well that it’s the only thing you’ll want to use.

The Carolina rig can be used to fish for a variety of species but the bass is one of the most common fish sought out when using them. Anglers love to use these rigs because they provide more action that gets the attention of the fish faster and easier than other types of rigs. They simply make the baits look more lively and interesting and this gets them noticed.

They can also be fished in any depth that you choose but you do want to vary your presentation from time to time. Try different things until you find what works the best for any given situation. Try moving it through the water slowly and gradually speed up and try different directions. However, you do need to remember to keep it realistic while experimenting. Otherwise, you won’t get any bites.

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